Accidentally Wes Anderson: Too Much Landscape exhibition


Terada Warehouse G1 Building, Tennozu, Tokyo

[Translated from Japanese]

This exhibition was held in Seoul, Korea in 2022 and became a very popular exhibition, and it will be held for the first time in Japan.

AWA is an abbreviation of "Accidentally Wes Anderson" and will be held as "Wes Anderson Too Much Landscape Exhibition" in Japan.

This exhibition is structured so that you can simulate the journey of people visiting secret places around the world. We will introduce more than 300 photos with a world view that looks like a scene from a movie directed by Wes Anderson, with 10 keywords related to travel, along with each interesting story.

I would appreciate it if you could experience the charm of the trip that has been away for a while through this exhibition woven by the world of pop pastel colors, symmetrical (symmetrical) compositions, and sometimes the work world of AWA adventurers arranged by chance.

A promotional flyer for Accidentally Wes Anderson: Too Much Landscape exihibition.
AWA: Wes Anderson Too Much Landscape exhibition flyer

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