I'm moving to Japan

I'm moving to Japan

In April I'll move to Tokyo in what will be the biggest and most exciting challenge I've ever faced.

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In December I was offered a design role with a Japanese software developer in Tokyo. Since then I've gone through the immigration process and started putting my life in boxes to prepare for the big move. Yesterday, after successfully receiving my visa, I handed in my notice at work.

Tokyo is huge, both as a personal milestone and as the most populous city in the world, with almost 14 million inhabitants. By comparison, my hometown Markinch is inhabited by just 2,400.

Though I've visited Japan several times, it has long been my dream to live and work in Japan. As a 17 year old high school student, I mused at what life might be like there, with little more than anime and Battle Royale as reference material.

A long time has passed since then, and I'm a little more realistic with my expectations, but I'm overjoyed that I could finally make this a reality.

More to follow.


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