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S1E23: Rally the troops for Destiny 2

We take a look at the new Destiny 2 trailers. Also in this episode, we talk about Kojima's older work for Konami, sift through April Fools' Day news and share what we've been playing this week.


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The OZARIN Podcast

Notes for this Podcast

Like a red wine stain on your white carpet, we're never going away.

I'm back with Liam and Dave to talk about the latest gaming news, get a bit nostalgic over Konami's classic Kojima titles, and talk about what we've been playing this week.

There are also listener messages, and of course we have another poorly remembered game quote.

Destiny 2

Last Call

Rally the Troops

The theatrical teasers for Destiny 2 feature the voice talent of Nathan Fillion, Lance Reddick and Gina Torres as the Vanguard leaders.

Because I don't play Destiny, I didn't realise there were three core factions - so didn't pick up on the fact that Gina Torres was a main character from her brief appearance in the second trailer!

April fools' day

Bandai's Tekken Eddy controller

The perfect gift for the button masher in your life.

8-bit Bayonetta

Sega released a scrolling shooter, which is available for free on Steam. It's a fairly simple tribute, but teases something more to follow...

Policenauts and Snatcher

Before Hideo Kojima became a household name with Metal Gear Solid, he produced these gems for Konami. As a result of their scarcity, and limited release, many fans have imported and modified their consoles in order to play the different versions.

Photograph of multiple copies of the Hideo Kojima/Konami game, Policenauts.
Liam wanted to show off his collection of Policenauts games

We talk a little about these and how their content has appeared in or influenced later Kojima games.

There's a lot of information on fan sites also. In particular, Hardcore Gaming 101 offers a lot of background on both Snatcher and Policenauts.

If you've played Metal Gear Solid, you'll probably recognise the main riff of the Policenauts theme from the intro credits screens. Dave has a try at singing it later in the ep.

Listener messages

Major thanks for everyone who got in touch with something to read out during this episode!

If you'd like to send us a story, tell us what your playing, or give us feedback to read out on the podcast, please get in touch.


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