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S1E20: Hands on with Horizon Zero Dawn

We're joined by Ashley to talk about the weekly gaming news. Among other things this week, we've been playing Horizon Zero Dawn and the Nintendo Switch!


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The OZARIN Podcast

Notes for this Podcast

Welcome to the 20th episode!

I'm joined by Dave and regular guest host, Ashley, to discuss the latest gaming news and talk about what we've been playing over the past week.

This week, myself and Ash have been lucky enough to get hands on with the Nintendo Switch, and we give our first impressions of the new console. Additionally, I've been playing Horizon Zero Dawn, Dave talks about the first few hours of Gravity Rush 2, and Ash falls in love with Trico in The Last Guardian.

Orisa revealed as latest Overwatch hero

A new champion has arrived to the roster of playable Overwatch characters. We talk a little about their abilities, and their possible role within a party.

You can read more about Orisa and the other characters on the Overwatch website.

More Destiny 2 details revealed

Developer Bungie announced plans for Destiny's final live event in their blog recently. In a post titled The Road Ahead, they release details for the first full sequel.

Tokyo Game Show dates and theme announced

Photo from Tokyo Game Show 2016

Tokyo Game Show will run this September between Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th September. The theme has been announced as Reality Unlocked. From their press release:

Technological advancements are making video games increasingly realistic.

Furthermore, in addition to being able to play games anytime and anywhere, a new entertainment style is blossoming in which people enjoy watching games played by other people.

Today, games unlock reality and provide innovative new experiences. TOKYO GAME SHOW will also be reborn as a new experience-based event.

In addition to game play and stage shows, TGS will feature a variety of other new experiences such as thrilling e-Sports tournaments, live streaming for the game fans around the world.


From Tokyo to the world — conveying cutting-edge trends in the reality unlocked by the video games.

We talk a little more about what to expect in this episode, but you can read more details on the Tokyo Game Show 2017 website.


We played this adorable party game on Nintendo Switch!

To correct our assumption in the podcast, looking at the trailer below, the game apparently does support up to 4 players and features a competitive mode as well as cooperative.

Horizon Zero Dawn screens

I've been loving this game so far. Having played for a few hours, I now understand the basic outline of the story and I've gotten to grips with the controls.

Below are some of my screens, which were mostly taken using the game's Photo Editor tool. It's quite powerful - allowing you to move the camera around the paused scene, and adjusting the focal range, aperture and add camera effects to your screenshot.

Screen capture from Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4.
First and foremost, this game is very well directed
Screen capture from Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4.
The environment is pretty massive, from what I’ve seen so far
Screen capture from Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4.
The character models, particularly the faces, are incredible.
Screen capture from Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4.
The UI sometimes crowds the gameplay, but fairly legible
Screen capture from Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4.
The action sequences have had a nice pace to them
Screen capture from Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4.
The lighting effects look great at night, and hunting is still possible


We had no entrants last week - was the quote that difficult? As a result, we've carried over the prize (Super Meat Boy on PC), so you can win two games this week!

If you know the source of the quote in this week's podcast, let us know to be entered into a draw to win a copy of Guacamelee! Gold Edition (PC/Mac/Linux) and Super Meat Boy (PC)!

Use the contact form, Tweet @ozarintweets or message our Facebook page to get in touch with your answer.

The competition will end on Sunday 12th March, and if we have a winner, they will be announced on the next podcast!


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