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S1E19: Nioh first impressions. More than just another Souls-like?

We take a look at Nioh, a new action title from Team Ninja, drawing some comparisons to the Dark Souls games. Also more gaming news, events and another competition!


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The OZARIN Podcast

Notes for this Podcast

Full house for episode 19! This week has been fairly quiet, as the release date for the Nintendo Switch nears. We still manage to sink our teeth into what scraps we can scavenge, and as always, let you know what we've been playing in the past week.

This week, Liam talks about the recently released Nioh, and gives his early impressions of the Souls-like, samurai action title.

Shadow of Mordor sequel announced

Promotional image for upcoming title Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

As we recorded, it was simply a leaked retail listing. Since then, a short cinematic trailer has been released for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, a sequel to the sprawling action game based in Tolkien's fantasy realm.

Exciting news for Lord of the Rings fans!

The Nokia 3310 is reborn

Photo of the revamped Nokia 3310 mobile phone.

It's a popular time for retro hardware.

This chunky, early 2000's, mobile communication device has been repurposed and re-released with a new, albeit simple, operating system and some upgrades.

Read the full spec on the Nokia website.

Obituary: Alan Stone

The co-founder of Nintendo America, Alan "Al" Stone has passed away aged 71, after a battle with cancer.

Natalie Dormer rocking the N7 hoodie

She looks great with the red and white stripe, and she sounds brilliant in the role of Dr Lexi T'Perro.

I also mentioned the sheer scale of the game, but wanted to quote my source:

Outstanding! Here's hoping it's written to the same standards as its predecessors.

You can read more about Mass Effect: Andromeda on the game homepage.

GlesGames XI

This awesome event will run once again at the Drygate Brewery in Glasgow, on Saturday 4th at March. A pub quiz kicks off the event at 4PM, and there's much more besides. Tickets available via Eventbrite - attendees must be aged 18 or over.

"Cat Mario"

The game mentioned towards the end of the podcast is Syobon Action, also known as Cat Mario. It's a twisted platformer, and incredibly frustrating. You can play it for free online, but try not to break your keyboard.


Congrats to Iain Everett who won a copy of World of Goo for correctly guessing last week's quote.

We have another quote in this week's podcast, and if you can tell us who said it and which game it appeared in, you'll be entered into a draw (or a coin toss!) to win a copy of Super Meat Boy (PC)!


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Bryan McDowall

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