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S1E17: Castlevania is coming to Netflix

This week we discover Castlevania is coming to Netflix in 2017! Also Steam Greenlight is to be replaced with a new service, E3 2017 opens the event to the public for the first time ever, and the Yakuza games are getting a limited reprint.


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The OZARIN Podcast

Notes for this Podcast

A cosy podcast featuring myself and Liam, we recorded this on a Monday night - which is why it was released a little later than usual.

Soulstorm Alternate Reality Game

Soulstorm is the latest upcoming title from Oddworld, creators of the Abe's Oddysee franchise, expected this year.

To date, two of the mysterious transmissions have been decoded to reveal the images below:

A screen from the Oddworld Soulstorm Alternate Reality Game A screen from the Oddworld Soulstorm Alternate Reality Game

There is more information about how these were solved, and details on the current puzzle state of the ARG on the Oddworld Wiki.

Castlevania is coming to Netflix

Though announced some time ago by Adi Shankar, Netflix have confirmed the release of an animated Castlevania series, coming to their service this year.

If you don't know Castlevania, you probably know of Castlevania. The franchise has been around for a long time, with the first game appearing on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1986.

Below is the Video Games Live track Liam mentions in this episode.

Also mentioned, the Castlevania vinyl by Mondo is currently sold out, however at the time of writing this, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest is still available.

Yakuza 1, 2, 3 and 4 to receive limited reprint in North America

Hot on the heels of Yakuza Zero, it's been announced that a limited reprint of the first four Yakuza titles will be made available in North America.

Yakuza Kiwami, a complete remake of the 2006 Yakuza title on PlayStation 2 will be released this Summer on PlayStation 4.

Steam Greenlight is dead

It was announced by Valve that their community curated developer portal would soon be coming to an end. Steam Greenlight will be replaced with an alternative process called Steam Direct.

Developer reaction has been mixed (though largely positive/optimistic), and of course there isn't a lot of information to go on right now.

E3 2017 to sell 15,000 tickets to general public

At their next event, E3 will open to the public for the first time.

Additionally, Liam quotes the media impressions at 65 billion. That isn't a misprint, despite our confusion. E3 quote 60+ Billion media impressions in their official marketing information.

Time capsule: finding personal effects in pre-owned games

Liam brought up the subject of finding old notes, receipts and keepsakes in second hand game boxes. Sometimes it can be a personal note, or some cheat codes which add a little character to a purchase. He sent over some of his more interesting finds, but also has a great story in this episode.

Photo of Liam's preowned game collection
Grim Fandango – with a digital walkthrough
Photo of Liam's preowned game collection
Mario Sunshine – with Electronics Boutique pre-order slip and Game receipt
Photo of Liam's preowned game collection
Myst – handwritten notes
Photo of Liam's preowned game collection
More puzzle notes from Myst


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